Here is a selection of films showcased as part of the ‘En Vie – Alive’ exhibition.

Skin Sucka

4’15 / Nancy Tilbury, Clive Van Heerden, Jack Mama, Bart Hess, Harm Rensink, Peter Gal, Scanner, 2011

‘Skinsuckas’ clean the skin, removing the vestiges of make up and providing the remedies to combat
the excesses of the night before They swarm over the body extruding metabolized household dirt,
dressing the body in a daily ritual of real time, customized manufacture – yesterday’s discarded
clothing ready for recycling.”


2’50 / Carole Collet, 2012

‘BioLace’ is a speculative design-led research project that investigates the intersection of
synthetic biology and design to propose future fabrication processes for food and textiles. The
motivation behind this research lies in the hypothesis that living technology can foster a new
approach to address some of the key sustainable challenges of the 21st century.

And (french version)

The Plasmorph: Living Information

2’ / Ann-Kristin Abel, 2013

Mobility is changing from being mechanical to becoming informational. Imagine a device that
connects directly to your nervous system. The ‘Plasmorph’ is a semi living device which helps
modern nomads to easily ingest anything they need to know in an instant, without having
to process it. It senses your interests and builds up your experience and your memories. It is
essentially a living diary that provides customised information.

E. chromi

4’30 / Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, James King et l’équipe iGEM de Cambridge, 2009


4’57 / David Benjamin, The Living 2012

Pet Genesis

2’35 / Amy May Chin, Ingrid Hulskamp, Pras Gunaskera, Ting Chun Lin, 2010

Synthetic Specialists

1’36 / David Ross, Julie Yonehara, Ld Lin, Xueqin Xu, Ya Li, 2010

Cyber Meatballs

1’58 / Sabatina Leccia, Young Ju Do, Tanatta Koshihadej, Marco Monterzino, Tu Wan Ting 2010.